Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Out With a Bang

Protectors of the Universe by Alex Ross
     One of my goals this year is a large scale piece that is rather busy and challenges my abilities with perspectives of the atmosphere and figure. Ross is an inspiration to me for his composition and narrative. I am considering doing something rather involved with some characters and creatures of my own making.

Portrait Expansion

     I have an idea inspired by Rockwell's portraiture to either draw or paint various images of friends and me on the same page. Of course, I would use my own style, but maintain most of the realism. The pieces would likely be more theatrical and dramatic in nature.

The Master of Time

The Master of Time; mono type print; 2008
     I have considered the possibility of incorporating the complexity of time as a motif or series for the focus in part of my portfolio. In this series, time would be outlined with images mostly characterized by the figure above, developed a few years ago. The eyes (future/past) are unseen, torso (present) is strong, and limbs unravel (past, future). The medium is undecided, though acrylic, watercolor, and ink (print-making) have been considered.